Inspired by human connection each piece has a story and touch points to its characters. 

This very first collection is named “Journey” representing a self-acceptance path.

Consists of 7 pieces; Castle, Wave, Mountain, Animus, Anima, Road, Inflow represents the characters encountered during the “Journey” . 

“Then you appeared in front of me, out of the blue… As if landing on Earth from Moon In between today and then, you made me take a long painful self-journey, mirrored me my weaknesses, reflected my inner power to me in the most unconventional ways. It has been a challenging walk. Passed by the castles, found strength in mountains, talked to water among waves, discovered voices in my head and spirit. Light entered from where the wound is and led me to design this collection.“

The Moonlight collection was created as a representation of finding the inner light to guide oneself through darkness and uncertainty.

Creating this collection was like a thin beam of light leaking through the trees in a dark forest during the pandemic that has become uncertainty for most of us. The product of following the sound of light like following the trace of thread turned our to be able to reach the moonlight. Afterwards, celebrations with your loved ones in the moonlight and sharing this energy with you.

With Moonlight collection by unexpectedone, we hope you can find your own inner light and reflect it and guide others, just like the Moon.

Gently machine or hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry. Tumble dry is not recommended. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.



  • Multi-Purpose
  • Non-identical
  • One Size
  • 100% cotton
  • 100% hand made
  • 100% eco-friendly

Unexpectedone is a coastal wear line, provides limited authentic life style pieces entirely made in Turkey.

More than a sustainable, mindful brand,  unexpectedone is designed as an experience where human connection is the focus. This is why it also provides content to slowly read, the music that designers and crafters were listening to during the creation.

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