Unexpectedone is a coastal wear line, provides limited authentic life style pieces entirely made in Turkey.

More than a sustainable, ethical brand, unexpectedone is designed as an experience where human connection is the focus.

This is why it also provides content to slowly read, with stories. It shares the music that crafters were listening to during the creation. To connect, to feel, to grasp a bit of understanding what it actually means to have an unexpected moment in your life.

Unexpectedone perceives itself as a door that transacts the possibilities she receives, towards others who are seeking their own possibilities in life. It is a very natural transfer from human to human, by all means.


Our collections thought to move beyond ordinary and create contemporary silhouettes from Anatolian handcraftsmanship.

By keeping aesthetic, quality and consciousness at the highest standards, unexpectedone aims to bring the centuries old Turkish art of weaving to your everyday lives, wherever you see fit, even in the most unexpected ways.

Raw Chic

Combed natural cotton yarn, ego-free colors, finishes with sleek touches, unexpected shapes and cuts defines our style.

Top Drawer

Unexpectedone cooperates with the best & certified providers only in terms of quality and production.

Well Thought

Nothing in Unexpectedone’s collections is coincidental.

  • Crafting slowly,
  • Planning for positive productivity,
  • Prioritizing sustainability,
  • Designing with a story,
  • Flying with futuristic vision,
  • Reaching to our customers carefully,
are all a part of our processes.
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